Natalie grew up in Mississauga where she completed an Honours Bachelor of Science in 1999 with a Specialist in Biology and a Minor in Chemistry at the University of Toronto. She then worked briefly at U of T as a research assistant performing experiments in cyanobacterial physiology looking at their CO2 concentrating mechanism. Afterwards, she travelled across Canada and moved to Victoria, BC where she worked at a biotech company for several months, purifying and performing quality control of proteins and antibodies.  She eventually returned to Ontario and completed a Master of Science degree in biology at McMaster University in 2003. Her thesis involved studying the sensitivity of photodynamic therapy-resistant HT29 cancer cells to ultraviolet radiation and cisplatin. She continued at McMaster as a research assistant, studying molecular mechanisms of DNA repair in mammalian cells using host cell reactivation of DNA-damaged adenoviral probes. In 2012, Natalie joined the Singh lab and is currently examining the effects of tumour on the host in a mouse bone pain model using immunohistochemistry and other techniques.       


When Natalie's not working in the lab, she spends her time in Dundas with her husband and three sons, doing home renovations and gardening, or travelling abroad and rock climbing with friends.